What a day!
Wednesday, August 13, 2008, 5:15 AM

After a tiring day at college, I decided to head down to the KTM station at 5.30pm. When I got there, I was shocked by the big crowds standing still waiting for the train to come. So I stood there with them, and I waited patiently. 30 minutes passed by, still no train. After another 15 minutes, a train finally arrived. "Finally!" I thought. But no! The damn train was fillled and packed. "NOOOO!!!" It is kind of funny though, people using brute force to push the passenger inside even though it is EXTREMELY packed already haha I should have took a picture of the train condition. One fella in his 40's got fed up and scold the passenger inside for not standing closer to each other so as to give way for more passengers to board the train. "Bloody fool!" he yelled while giving angry hand gestures at the sardine-packed crowd. I wanted to laugh but the fact that I had to wait for another 15 minutes just killed my mood. The 3rd train arrived at 6.10pm. I got on the train and I felt abit relieved. But what the hell? The train is undergoing a maintenance or some sort coz it was stopping in the middle of the track for about 3 minutes then move, then stop, then move, rinse and repeat. Damnit! stuck at the KTM for 1 and a 1/2 hour! When I got to KL central, it was already 6.45pm. I walked up to the LRT station and saw people running up the excalator, so i ran. Up till when I was a few inch away from the LRT door, the door closed! My day just got worse! >:(

My initial plan was to drop by at KLCC to buy some books. No choise but to cancel it for it was already too late. Sigh!

I feel better now releasing all that anger. Sorry for ur time! Have a nice day! :)


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