Thursday, April 17, 2008, 2:10 AM

To create an A2 size postcard was our first assignment for the intro to design class. Today, each of us presented our postcard at the lecture theater. Here are pictures of our and their unique postcards:

This one is done by Harry's group. They put light bulb inside the bowl. When it lights up, you have one plate of hot mee, haha.

This postcard is done by Yshuian's group using recycled items. They've put alot effort into the model. Chun!

This Ying and Yang concept is done by Jeevitha's group haha. Last minute work, pfft. :P

This postcard is done by jacky's group. Its not much of a postcard but still its nice haha.

This one is done by our group. Maybe its alittle too simple haha.

This one's done by nadgmi's group. sorry for the bad angle, there were no empty space behind me when i was taking this photo haha.

Personally, I think this one's the best. The burj dubai model is very eye-catchy and so is the 3d malaysia map. The whole piece is colorful and nicely arranged.

This piece is done by Ujai's group. Cute bunnies haha.


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