Taylor's PJ on FIRE!
Tuesday, August 12, 2008, 2:58 AM

Wth, about 4.20 pm earlier, Taylor's PJ campus carpark basement was on fire! The alarm rang and only after 15minutes later did we realized that it was no false alarm LOL, so everyone ran down the stairs with joy and excitement coz class was dismissed early haha! When i reached the ground, I saw smokes and a Bomba truck rushing it's way to the carpark basement. And it was no minor smoke but thick foggy smoke! Damn haha, I still don't understand why so many people are still there standing worrying about the situation where they should have just ran for their lives.

Here are some pictures

O shit, my pc got reformated and I have not installed the iphone programme haha I'll upload it later

edit: wow i just got news that the cause of the fire was becoz a car exploded in the basement! Wth!


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