Royal Selangor Trip
Tuesday, April 15, 2008, 2:44 AM

If only i had knew that Royal Selangor was only a few kilometers away from my house, I would have just asked my mum to drive me there instead of taking the lrt and ktm to taylors and then have the bus driver send me all the way back there. =/ Haha. Anyway the trip was fun. Here are some pictures i took during the trip

LOL that is Nadgmi, our crazy tour guide xD

This is the tool used for the traditional "dulang" technique

this is the kapal korek

this is the founder i think

Lelong,Pewter tiles, 100 ringgit each. =O

pewter handprints from the staffs of the factory

Everybody's drinking sprite from a pewter cup

Guess the price. If its 40k, you are right. :)

And that concludes the trip. Have a nice day!


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