Jay Chou's latest single
Sunday, January 27, 2008, 2:42 AM

Here's his latest single

Jay Chou feat Du Guo Zhang - Zhou Da Xia
, Ost. Kungfu Dunk

credits to nastro from bww2 for the links ;D

kung fu dunk, sounds like a replica of shaolin soccer haha but who cares! Jay Chou! xD

Education Fair 2008
Tuesday, January 15, 2008, 1:08 AM

Education fair 2008 was held on the last weekends. There I was, at KLCC, attending talks and visiting various booths at the exhibition hall. On the saturday exhibition, there weren't many people and the crowd was small; probably because parents are busy working on that particular day. But the Sunday one, Fuhhyoohh, overcrowded! During the talk session, an estimated number of 60 people were standing behind the seats in the hall which was fully occupied with students and parents.haha, I was lucky i made it on time, or else I'd be there standing for hours.

Okay, the saturday talk was about Career experience, Engineering and ICT. I'd enjoyed the one about career experience. One of the speakers was Alex Yoong, our Malaysian F1 driver, the other speaker was *forgot wad name* a journalist, and the other was Ng Khai Lee a web designer I think,lol. It was nice to hear them sharing their experience they gained throughout their journey to become a professional. Ng Khai Lee specifically shared his 5 strategies which have helped him accomplish his successful achievements:
1) While studying overseas, do not socialize with Malaysians, instead socialize with other people.
2) Do not get a part time job, instead, join student clubs or other beneficial activities that will help to build character and experiences.
3)Get to know the lecturers more
4) *forgotten*
5) *forgotten*
err okay, my humble apologies for being so forgetful, I have a very bad memory. ><
Mr Ng, if u happen to be reading this post of mine, I'd appreciate if u share the strategies with my fellow readers. xD
Then there was the talk about ICT. The total estimated time was insuficcient for the speakers to complete their presentation so the period for the ICT talk was lengthen. First was the introduction to ICT majors, then the other was a maxis promotion presentation (I found this very boring, I was expecting a talk but she ended up promoting maxis products), the last one is about game production. The game production talk was the most interesting amongst the rest as the speaker *sorry forgotten his name* displayed a diagram as to how each component in a game is conected to one another, like a chain reaction, if one malfunctions so will the other (my my, complications at its best! xD) I believe that would be one of the major reason that had change one of my friend's thought of enrolling in game production courses haha. I don't blame him, the complication scared me too. After the talk, I went shopping for brochures at the exhibition halls together with my other group of friends. First, we went to the one academy ( oh! kidchan was there xD) then LimKokWing then Taylors. After that we'd decided to drop by at the Fish Market(no not a market, but a restaurant haha) to have lunch. Food was expensive but satisfying. Thereafter, one of my friend part ways with us coz he had no interest in the engineering talk.

hmm, I'll continue to blog bout this later haha.


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