Thursday, April 17, 2008, 2:10 AM

To create an A2 size postcard was our first assignment for the intro to design class. Today, each of us presented our postcard at the lecture theater. Here are pictures of our and their unique postcards:

This one is done by Harry's group. They put light bulb inside the bowl. When it lights up, you have one plate of hot mee, haha.

This postcard is done by Yshuian's group using recycled items. They've put alot effort into the model. Chun!

This Ying and Yang concept is done by Jeevitha's group haha. Last minute work, pfft. :P

This postcard is done by jacky's group. Its not much of a postcard but still its nice haha.

This one is done by our group. Maybe its alittle too simple haha.

This one's done by nadgmi's group. sorry for the bad angle, there were no empty space behind me when i was taking this photo haha.

Personally, I think this one's the best. The burj dubai model is very eye-catchy and so is the 3d malaysia map. The whole piece is colorful and nicely arranged.

This piece is done by Ujai's group. Cute bunnies haha.

Royal Selangor Trip
Tuesday, April 15, 2008, 2:44 AM

If only i had knew that Royal Selangor was only a few kilometers away from my house, I would have just asked my mum to drive me there instead of taking the lrt and ktm to taylors and then have the bus driver send me all the way back there. =/ Haha. Anyway the trip was fun. Here are some pictures i took during the trip

LOL that is Nadgmi, our crazy tour guide xD

This is the tool used for the traditional "dulang" technique

this is the kapal korek

this is the founder i think

Lelong,Pewter tiles, 100 ringgit each. =O

pewter handprints from the staffs of the factory

Everybody's drinking sprite from a pewter cup

Guess the price. If its 40k, you are right. :)

And that concludes the trip. Have a nice day!

Friday, April 11, 2008, 7:10 AM

here's an insight into my design communication class at Taylor's

picture taken by YShuian@, thanks! xD

Family Time
Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 7:09 AM

It's a funny situation when i am sitting down on my couch catching my favourite wrestling show on TV where my parents are forced to watch it with me. xD My father just said that he can memorize all the wrestler's faces and names haha. During this hours, we would have family discussions about stuffs that happened at work, at college, at school. Haha we would burst into laughter at times when a funny topic pops out. That is one of the family time that my parents and i share which i truly appreciate. :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008, 2:27 AM

I am so glad that i can finally get my ass off the comfortable computer chair once and for all!

So, I had finished my orientation week at Taylor's. Taylor's petaling campus is situated at leissure commence square which is basically a building of office blocks. Learning in that environment is much more different than that in high school and I believe that from that we can prepare ourselves for what is to come in the future when we architecture, construction management and quantity surveying students graduate. I have to admit that college is very much enjoyable especially the socializing part. I got to know so many people on my first day and made a lot of new friends too! Some of the friends i have made are Jose, Jonathan, Ashwin, Xi Xu, Yee Shuian, Jeevitha and many more! So for those who are facing low self esteem problems (like myself xD) ,dont fret! coz going to college is another means of boosting self esteem! haha! Ok, sorry for the outburst of none sense. Now, I'll continue writting this post in a formal way. xD

My parents have been asking me " How do you like architecture so far?" and I answered, "Yes! my enthusiasm in the wonderful man made structures are growing ever more deeply than before!" Truth be told, I only answered a simple "Interesting, mum/dad." xD But the message before was conveyed from my heart. =D Architecture is very fun. I've been waiting eagerly to build my own model after I saw my seniors putting so much effort into building theirs'. And then there was this video about the Burj Dubai (the tallest man made structure upon completion) and the Hoover Dam shown during my Building Materials class expanded my enthusiasm in architecture even more!

Time is seriously a constrain once you have make it into college. I have like 4 - 5 assignments already on my 3rd week! WoW! There goes my precious hours for late night movies and EPL games. Farewell. =[

Ok, no more time to waste. I am off to do my assignments!

2:16 AM

While on my way back from college today, I saw an old woman allowing a pregnant lady to have her seat on the LRT. Yesterday, a similar situation happened; a young man gave his seat to an old man. It pleases me very much to see that there are Malaysians with such courteous attitudes.


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