Trip to Kuantan
Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 9:16 AM

Last friday my family and i went on a vacation to a hotel in Kuantan which was rated 5 stars, this rating was probably given by some amateur coz the architecture and size of the hotel doesnt spell "5 stars". So we've checked in, then found out that internet access requires payment which i believe that wasn't stated in the package they displayed on their website. RM1.90 per minute, isn't that abit too much? even cyber cafes don't charge that much! One day internet access demanded a payment of RM57. 57ringgit, add another 10 ringgit and i can pay for one month's streamyx fee. aiyo

There's no interesting activities available in kuantan. We went there solely for the reason to hunt for good food and enjoy the facilities provided by the hotel. It was monsoon season when we were there, the monsoon breeze was devastating! My meals almost got blown away while I was having lunch near the beach haha. At the beach, we saw people flying kites, sufring, swimming, blabla the usual beach activities

hmm, haha guess there's not much to write about the trip.


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