end of Heroes volume3 :<
Thursday, December 18, 2008, 6:15 AM

I just watched episode 13 of heroes season 3 and was shocked that the season ended just like that =,= last season also around 11 episodes only haiz dam dissapointing..

everything happened throughout season 3 turn backwards again swt now the story jz get more n more confusing

one of the scene of this episode even lacked the logic factor. Run ultra fast = time travel to the past? If time travel to the future still can believe la but go back past pula -.- Somemore how the hell did she* knew how fast she was travelling and reached the past jz in time to save him? This whole scene spoiled the episode haiz.. writer is probably out of idea :(

Meet the heroes crew! starting from the left is the little kid with the ability to talk to machines, nikki with split personalities, nathan with flying ability, peter with copyotherpeoplepower ability, the specs guy with no ability, claire the indestructable, hiro with time traveling ability, suresh with spiderman ability, matt with mind reading ability, and finally Sylar the brain eater!


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